Today at our parish we had a Medjugorje themed healing mass followed by a eucharistic procession, adoration of the eucharist and anointing of the sick with prayers also for inner healing and deliverance by Steve and Geraldine who have a ministry and gifts in this area!

It truly was a very healing day and one feels the power of Medjugorje made present when the music plays and when of course Jesus is there.

Medjugorje of course is all about conversion of heart and the first heart that needs converting and ongoing work isn’t the heart of our annoying next door neighbour or the heart of our unbelievable brother or sister or whoever, no, the first heart in need of work and ongoing conversion is our own!

On this theme Steve and his wife Geraldine led us all through prayers for inner healing and deliverance for our own wounded hearts.

They mentioned the 7 common wounds and because I lost the sheet I’m not sure if I remember all 7 but here goes:

Abandoned, Confusion, Rejection, Fear…

I had to Google the others but found it and the link to the entire teaching from the John Paul II healing Centre in the USA.

Get the full explanation here: ·

Steve of course is American so his nice accent added a special flavour to it and his wife Geraldine is a wonderful woman of prayer and intercession and has been going to Medjugorje for many many years.

We truly are blessed at Saint Mary of the Angels to have these days of prayer with such gifted and experienced individuals from all over the world which is why if you are in the London area you are strongly encouraged to come along and get the healing graces flowing so freely from the hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Hopefully we will all soon be able to go to Medjugorje now that travelling is easier and things are opening up to consecrate our different ministries to Our Lady of Medjugorje and also to give her thanks for all the graces and blessings that she has poured out on us, many of which we’ll probably never really know about until we die!

Of course Medjugorje isn’t yet officially approved by the church like Lourdes but we all know that it will be and that it’s Our Lady’s special place for these times.

I’m sure a lot of people visited Lourdes and got healing well before it was ever officially accepted by the church, that’s the way these things have always worked!

And so now the next Medjugorje themed event on in our church will be the Medjugorje LGBT evening on February 23rd.

As you know it’s got great coverage over the last few weeks with letters and emails flying to cardinals and bishops and priests and all sorts and yet it’s continuing to grow and just like in Medjugorje, every attempt to stop it only made it stronger

You must look at this amazing video that Rayne did for Our Lady, bless him!

And yes the next event is open to everyone whether gay or straight. In fact you may have a gay friend or relative and you may like to come on their behalf so to speak and offer your prayers and intercession for their wellbeing etc.

And so there you have it! Our Lady of Medjugorje is truly blessing St. Mary of the Angels and although she doesn’t like me mentioning her name because she does it all for Jesus, a special thanks to our beautiful Galway angel, Brenda, and her team of prayer warriors.

And last but not least, thanks to Monsignor Barltrop who has opened wide the doors of his heart and his parish to the healing and evangelisation work of Our beautiful mother and Queen of peace.

Our Lady of Medjugorje,

Bless and protect each one of us tonight, keep us in your peace while we thank you and Jesus for everything that you have done for us today and every day.