Happy Valentines day to you all and especially to those that are not in a relationship for whatever reason and may be feeling lonely or rejected.

Life is filled with ups and downs, joys and tragedies and we all get our share of them so lean on the love and mercy of Jesus who knows how to turn every situation around and how to bring true happiness and true friends into our lives!

And indeed my own life is a witness to this promise as things go from strength to strength after so many years of struggles and battles.

Over the last few weeks so many people have supported our ministry to the LGBT when we got attacked and now we have people all over London telling people about it!

Furthermore a number of priests have agreed to put up the flyer on their parish noticeboard which of course is hugely encouraging and an opportunity has arisen to go to Medjugorje this year where I’m sure that innumerable graces and blessings are in store.

All these blessings flow from the goodness and mercy of Jesus and many times I think back to my 20’s which were clouded by anxiety and depression and lonliness and I give thanks to Jesus who answered every prayer and who did what seemed impossible in my life!

And the good news is that he’ll do the same for you!

Yet today I haven’t just got Jesus to love, there is

another special someone!

The poor thing has been working 12 hour shifts for the past 2 days but he always stays smiling and through him Jesus has brought so much more healing and happiness to my life.

Jesus made us out of love to love both him and eachother and the more he heals us the more we become able to love others while loving Jesus too and that is the key to having balanced Christian life!

We need eachother because we are human and that’s why Jesus kept calling us to forgiveness, reconciliation and love.

Of course the love we talk about on Valentines day is more of a romantic love but still, the greatest romantic of all is God himself and with his grace we can pour out blessings of love today on everyone that we meet regardless of who they are and remind them that no matter what’s going in in their lives that they are loved and cherished by God and are special in his eyes!

And so let’s let today be a day of love regardless of whether we are single or married or in a relationship and let us be especially mindful of those that may be in pain or suffering with a broken heart 💔 .

May Jesus, the most sweet and gentle lover of all touch each and every heart, restore each broken life and bring each and every person to the true source of love and happiness from where all other love flows.

Have a wonderful day of love, supernatural blessings and divine appointments!