Good morning all and I hope that St. Valentine was good to you yesterday.

He was very good to me as I fell in love with an Irish lassie and I’m now totally healed of being gay!!

Sorry Rayne, she listens to me without interrupting and never complains.😂😂😂

All joking aside a few people asked me and indeed it was the principal objection of John Cassidy, why are we having a mass as part of our LGBT evening?

So here goes:

Firstly to say that the question is a good one. Many people might not know what mass is and might find it boring while others might know what it is but may not have been to confession for a long time and so not be in a suitable state to receive communion.

Secondly some of these questions and worries are hangovers from the masses that existed before for LGBT Catholics where from what I understand there seemed to have been no real instruction or education and receiving the eucharist was seen as a right rather than something sacred that required preparation and a genuine effort to live a life of holiness.

You see whether gay or straight we are all called to prayer and holiness and to living lives in accordance to the commandments as best we can. Certainly we all fall short but there is of course a massive difference between a soul doing their best and falling short and a soul not making any effort.

And let’s face it we all know of people who have no interest in prayer and who live lives and hold beliefs which are very far away from Christianity and yet when Christmas comes or a funeral of a mutual friend, they will receive communion and would cut the head from you if you challenged them!

Now we must be very careful that we don’t fall into judgement and at the same time we must also discern and not allow the church and the sacraments to be treated like free hamburgers at McDonald’s!

The next point that I want to make is obvious and simple and yet needs to be repeated a thousand times.

There is no such thing as a gay mass.

Mass is mass and even if the host was pink br the wine was rainbow 🌈 coloured they would still be transformed into the body and blood of Jesus and that’s it!

There is no ‘gay host’ or LGBT communion, Jesus gives himself to us all in the same way and on he same host regardless and so Catholics talking about “gay masses” are really off the wall.

And so you see that it is to address some of these issues that we have our Medjugorje LGBT evenings because all of us on the leadership team are daily mass goers, go to confession very regularly and do our absolute best when it comes to living lives of chastity with prayer.

Our testimonies, teachings and lives are a witness of this and this is the message that we want to bring to the LGBT community.

Furthermore we are all very charismatic and very open to the gifts of the spirit and so our prayer evenings not only draw LGBT people but also draw friends, families, parents and indeed anybody!

Of course for some the evening might be a bit long or they might be afraid of finding the mass boring and so I have two things to say there!

1. People can come from 7 to 8 for the adoration and prayer and refreshments and skip the mass if they wish.

2. The mass is only boring when we don’t make enough effort to love people and teach people about it and how to participate, something that we are making every effort to do at our evenings.

And finally, because the evenings are about prayer and about praying for the world and the intentions of Our Lady, the mass is a central part of this call.

And so you clearly see now that there is no such thing as a gay mass or a gay Jesus and that we are not having any such thing as a ‘gay mass’ where anything goes and where there is no cal to holiness and therefore what we are doing is perfectly catholic and a wonderful opportunity to preach by example of what it means to be catholic, gay, holy & happy.

So spread the word and invite all your friends and let the love of God reach beyond all boundaries and limits!

Love to all!


P.S. photos taken yesterday in Camden Town with Rayne!!