Good morning!

This morning Our Lady gave me a wonderful teaching on sin and confession and this of course is for everybody whether gay or straight or whatever.

Our Lady


Today my children I wish to talk to you about the ugliness of sin.

You live in a world where you take so much care of your bodies and clothes. You wash and shower daily and even several times a day, you wash your clothes and buy new ones regularly so that you may look and feel fresh and then you wear all sorts of products for your bodies to give you smoother skin and so you may smell nice!

All of these things are good and normal in themselves and when Iived on earth, I too looked after my physical body and appearance as did Jesus.

Yet what good is all this if you forget and even refuse to wash your souls each day?

The soul too needs cleansing and now more so than ever with so much sin in the world.

Sin is ugly and when left untreated it grows on your souls like an infected wound grows on your bodies and it infects other areas.

Even a small splinter in your finger can lead to a deep and serious infection if left untreated and yet if removed immediately and washed, the same splinter will do nothing.

Sin is the same which is why you must look after your souls like you look after your bodies by practising prayer and especially by examination of your consciousness each day.

And just like your clothes, though you keep them clean each day, every now and then they need a deeper and more thorough wash and so too do your souls through the sacrament of confession.

My children, confession is extremely powerful and healing especially when you prepare properly in prayer.

In confession Jesus washes away stains from your souls that you didn’t even know that you had and blesses you in ways that you cannot see.

Satan is very jealous of souls that run regularly to confession and like a schoolyard bully he will do everything to discourage you and mock you through others.

Take no notice! Only very foolish people refuse to look after their souls and if a soul in purgatory could come back for one hour, they would run to the confessional for forgiveness of the many sins that they never confessed while on earth.

Another very power message from Our Lady and fantastic encouragement to us all not to give into the ways of the world or surrender to those who mock God and dismiss sin!

Although a bit extreme, this image does make a point:

So let us pray each day and examine our consciences daily and let us also run to the confessional regularly too and not be one bit shy or ashamed or embarrassed about telling others about it too!

Holy souls in purgatory, pray for us that we may appreciate Jesus and the sacraments more and keep our souls as white as snow.