About 4 years ago Séamus and I prayed at the blue cross in Medjugorje and Our Lady sent us on our mission of love and evangelisation to the LGBT community.

Little did we realise that a few years later we’d find ourselves talking about her in the very heart of Soho, London’s gay district.

Last night wasn’t planned at all! We went to mass at the Carmelites and immediately after a rush of love and courage from the Holy Spirit came over me and I said “Séamus, we’re going to Soho!”.

It’s actually great when God does it like that because we hadn’t time either to plan or to be anxious.

Earlier in the day I was led to St. Paul’s bookshop where I was guided to buy this:

Our Lady of Medjugorje.

So how did it go? Glad you asked!

It was super.

We started off praying while handing out flyers with Our Lady of Medjugorje’s music playing in the background. After that Séamus sang and I prayed.

As I prayed I saw a vision of a bunch of angels dancing in front of Séamus and understood that people would come to dance….but how? Nobody was stopping not to mention dancing!

Anyway I went over and played a healing song and all of sudden people began to respond a bit with positive comments as they walked past and then suddenly a group of Spanish girls asked me to play “Mamma Mia”.

My “Mamma Mia” is “Mamma Mary” and so I played the song and before you know it the whole place was dancing and we were giving out flyers and pointing to the Our Lady image.

Séamus then continued as he sang some other songs which people would know which could also be interpreted spiritually.

After about an hour or so we were quite tired and we left!

Who knows the results only God but one thing is sure and certain, he is guiding us and Our Lady’s mantle of protection is around us.

Next time I’ll bring some miraculous medals to share and see what happens, Toni may also come and display his art which would be another brilliant way of getting people to stop and talk.

So full steam ahead, thank you all for your prayers which we feel so powerfully around us at the moment and as usual if you’d like to help a little with the expenses (travel, posters etc), follow the link below or get in touch directly.

Have a super day, full of the love and blessings of Jesus and Mary!