This morning Jesus spoke to me:

My heart thirsts to be known my children, not as a famous figure in history but as a real person truly present and alive now.


My children, I am God, I am love, I am real. Reach out my children and share my love with others with compassion, tenderness and mercy 

Do not be ashamed, do not be afraid. Just because I am invisible to your human eyes does not make me any less real.

Bring people to me, teach them about me and tell them that I love them and thirst to heal their hearts and lives.

Remind my priests that not only am I real but that I am alive and that I heal and restore lives through my church.

Open your hearts wide to all the gifts of the Holy Spirit and allow me to use you all powerfully.

Certainly a very encouraging message for us all in these dark and secular times where God is ignored and sin promoted and normalised all across the world through the media.

Sin will never bring happiness and indeed as the Bible puts it, “the fruits of sin is death”.

We see this very clearly with all the abortions on these times when the little babies pay the price for the sins of a society that doesn’t want them and promotes sex without consequences.

We see it also in the gay scene where historically so many died of aids and suicide as the world and even church rejected them and pushed them into the claws of Satan.

Sadly, right across the board, it is often the innocent that suffer the consequences of the unjust and ungodly who often appear to get away with everything but that’s not the case either. Corrupt leaders whether in society or in the church face something far more serious and daunting; the very real prospect of eternal damnation in hell for their actions.

And so we see that Jesus is pleading with us to turn to Him and to turn away from sin and he’s pleading with those of us who already know him to make him known far and wide and to make his healing power known.

Following Jesus isn’t easy but is is the road to true happiness and peace followed by an eternity in heaven with him!

So let us be brave and be strong and reach out across all obstacles and borders to show others the way, the truth and the life with the love, compassion and tenderness of Jesus.

Off to Soho again tonight with Our Lady. Pray for me!