Saturday night and we hit Soho again, this time a little bit wiser and more confident in what we are doing!

We started off at Mass in St. Patrick’s Soho where Fr. Alex gave an excellent sermon on the call to going out on mission and to bringing the love and our experience of Jesus to others.

One group of people who are well known in Soho for going out and doing their version of evangelisation is the Hare Krisna group! They sing and dance all over Soho while handing out books and leaflets.

All joking aside, we can learn a lot from these guys. They are totally uninhibited and unafraid to spread their message and yet we have a much better message…..Jesus!

Last night we started off in Leicester Square and then meandered over to Old Compton Street via China Town as we stopped and sang and preached about the love of God while handing out miraculous medals.

One Spanish guy stopped and found it deeply insulting to see Our Lady with a rainbow flag. Seemed to be the Spanish version of a certain someone who’s name I won’t mention.

Fortunately I knew enough Spanish to tell him to get lost and not enough to enter into an argument!

One thing you notice about Soho and street ministry is that because the volume of people even the loudest of music doesn’t travel very far and this is both reassuring and frustrating; reassuring because even if you are nervous few will hear you and frustrating because if you have something really awesome to say or sing….few will hear you.

As we continued up towards old Compton Street we were gaining in boldness and so when we arrived at our spot we played “Mamma Mia” while looking and pointing to Our Lady.

Immediately a group of guys came around us to dance and we handed them out some miraculous medals which they were so eager to put on! One explained to me how he had felt so hurt by the church and was delighted with what we are doing.

Most people just walk buy unless we play a catchy song and so the real trick is to find catchy and upbeat songs which carry also a message that could be interpreted also spiritually. It’s an art of it’s own and one which we’ll surely master over time.

And providence was very good to us as our friend Ivan joined us for the evening and took us for dinner all you can eat Chinese buffet …I’m still digesting it!

So there you have it! Make way Hare Krisna for Jesus Christ and may the LGBT community in Soho come to know the healing love of our Lord, saviour and friend.

Have a holy day and pray for our mission!