After a month of fighting and opposition to the love and mercy of Jesus for the LGBT community, Our Lady crushed the head of the serpent once again and tomorrow night we will have our next evening.

Tomorrow evening should be great because we’re growing in confidence and in experience every time and with all the publicity we got from the opposition, even more people have promised to come and support us and get behind Our Lady’s mission to the LGBT community across the world who so desperately need to know the love of God for them.

I was also encouraged to see that the flyer that I put up in the Carmelites survived the weekend (first one was pulled down) and also the notice outside our church has survived (also pulled down before).

So with so much good will and positivity and support around us we are feeling so very loved by both God and the good people here in London and it’s probably the first time in almost 15 years that I could say that I feel safe in the church community as a Catholic gay missionary.

An enormous thank you to all the prayer warriors of London who have supported us and especially to Monsignor Barltrop who has been an impenetrable rock of support to us since arriving.

And the good news doesn’t stop there! Yesterday Rayne and I booked flights to Ireland and will visit in March! £20 return flight isn’t bad even for my budget.

It will be both exciting and healing I’m sure to show Rayne where I grew up, where I fell apart and where I was put back together again….like Humpty Dumpty…..not to mention meeting my parents and friends over there!

What can I say only that I owe it all to Jesus! His mercy has lit up my life in every way and now he sends me out to light up others and to encourage others to trust infinitely in his mercy knowing that He can and wants to do the same thing for them.

So if you are in London, please come tomorrow to our event to show your love and support for the marginalised and misunderstood people of the LGBT community and if you are not, you can support us through prayer or by watching on Facebook.

May the love of Jesus and Our Lady of Medjugorje for the LGBT community reach every corner of the world and may the day come that we never hear the words “God hates me because I’m LGBT”.

Thanks for everything!