Tonight we will have our Medjugorje evening for LGBT people and our theme will be the 5 stones of Medjugorje and the call to holiness.

Yes! Whether gay or straight we are all called to conversion, not conversation of orientation but conversion of heart and of life and of ways!

Jesus desires to make us all saints and for this he needs our cooperation which is why he sends his mother to help us and to teach us.


Write my child!

My love my children is like an ocean of mercy that desires to flood your earth and extinguish all fires of hatred and division.

My love is limitless and boundless and the problems on earth are like a little spark of fire in the eyes of my mercy.

But my love in not like a tsunami that floods the earth uninvited and destroys all before it.

My love invites itself and waits for a response. I knock but only you can open.

If humanity was to turn back to me and repent at a global level, my supernatural love would sweep the earth and bless you with unimaginable graces.

But your world leaders are like Pharaoh who resisted the warnings of Moses until the final punishment hit.

How much more will your world resist me you my ask?

Sadly the answer is ‘a lot more’ and there will be woeful consequences at a global level which may be also interpreted as punishments or chastisements from Gog just like in the time of Pharaoh and Moses.

Those who do believe and follow me will be more and more persecuted and many martyred for not denying me and the reality of eternal life and eternal damnation.

My children, do not get discouraged! Following me is not easy but I am with you and in these times I help you in a special way through my mother.

Do not envy unbelievers who revel in their sin and claim that it has no consequences while they laugh at you and mock you.

Pray for them that they may be converted and change their ways through the witness of your love and through preaching the gospel.

My love is for everybody, nobody is excluded but you must become like little children and allow heaven to teach you how to live and how to love in ways pleasing to God.

A very strong message from Jesus and an urgent plea to us all to surrender our ways and lives to him and to seek holiness.

And that my friends is what tonight’s Medjugorje prayer evening is all about, a road to holiness for the LGBT community through conversion of heart and the 5 stones of Our Lady Medjugorje.

Hope to see as many of you as possible there!