What can I say only that Our Lady, our most beautiful and gentle mother is utterly fantastic!

Our beautiful mother ensured that last night went amazingly well with a most beautiful peace and simplicity.

Even after all his old huffing and puffing the protesters outside were reduced to 3 and of them was there under false pretenses as she was misinformed about what we were doing.

They say that empty vessels make the most noise and Satan, empty of love, is the emptiest vessel of all.

He huffs and puffs and intimidates but ultimately he has no power over Our Lady and he has no power over our LGBT evening either!

Inside was wonderful! We decorated the church a little with LGBT flags and images of Jesus and Mary and the saints and it made for a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

I stood at the door to welcome people while playing loud Medjugorje music much to my amusement as the music drowned out the ‘prayers of the protesters’!

My mother always said that I was a cheeky little pup but I’m glad that Our Lady has found a use for it! One has to be bold and cheeky in a holy way in this ministry or else nothing would get done.

We had a very nice gathering of people and our evening took the usual format with the rosary, praise music, mass, adoration & testimonies.

Last night we were spoilt with two testimonies, one from Toni and one which was unplanned by Grace.

Grace went first and shared how the love of Jesus had got her through a marriage breakup and divorce and how divorced people can often feel rejected from the church just like the LGBT.

She then spoke of love for all, of the amazing graces that she has received in this parish and of God’s love for everybody.

The ideal introduction to Toni’s testimony of meeting Jesus and finding a home in the church as a transgender Catholic.

For so many years Satan has had a monopoly with the gay community, deceiving families to reject us as he waited in the background to devour us but Our Lady has other plans and she is welcoming us home and making a space for us too.

Music ministry was led by Séamus with Rayne helping out with his guitar too! The two did an amazing job and we were all very blessed.

Of course we couldn’t go without mentioning Monsignor Keith who has been an unwavering rock of support over the last few weeks and shared with us a great homily on the 5 stones of Medjugorje and the love of Jesus for everybody.

We are truly blessed to have Monsignor Keith and he is a shining example of the pastoral and loving heart of our heavenly father.

Of course there are many others to thank too; Eddie who led the rosary and shared messages from Our Lady, all the people who were praying for us at home, everyone that came and of course the greatest thanks of all to Jesus himself.

So it’s full steam ahead now and our next evening will be on March 30th. In the meantime we’ll continue to hit the streets with the message of Medjugorje and as usual if you’d like to help us we’d be most grateful!

Thanks for reading and wishing you all an amazing day!


P.S Recording of last night’s event

Rosary at start

Praise at about 23 mins

Mass at 53 mins approx

Grace’s Testimony 1hr 40 mins

Toni’s Testimony 1 hr 51