This morning as there is so much talk about war and praying for peace Our Lady gave me a strong and challenging message.

Our Lady 

All is well my child, keep your eyes focused on your own mission and do not get distracted.

The wars in the world and the wars in your families and communities are all due to a lack of God and love for eachother in your world.

Without God your hearts will never be at peace and when there is unrest in your hearts, there will be unrest in your world because the heart is the source of your thoughts, words, actions and deeds!

This is why I implore you to convert your hearts and to forgive and be reconciled with eachother.

There is little point in praying for peace in the world if there is not peace first in your own hearts.

Yes my children, the first warzone is the war in your own hearts and when you conquer that through prayer then your prayers for the world will be heard and will be powerful.

Come my children, unburden your hearts and allow me to use you to bring true peace to the world.”

Immediately after this message my heart jumped to the sacrament of confession where we find peace with God and from that peace we find the love and understanding to pray for and forgive others who have hurt us or wronged us.

My dad had this great saying when I was a child that “two wrongs don’t make a right” and it’s true.

And furthermore our Lady is challenging us to put out the wars in our own lives and hearts first before we try to put out the wars in the world.

We can only do this through prayer and humility and by reminding ourselves of what we were like or what we would be like if we didn’t know Jesus.

So in this time of unrest in the world, let us be people of peace and let us make full use of the sacrament of reconciliation and make every effort to forgive and reconcile with everyone who has hurt us.

And then from this platform of love and peace in our own hears let us pray fervently for the whole world and especially for the Ukraine and all the innocent lives caught up in it all.

“Jesus, thank you that our countries are not at war, help us to count our blessings and to forgive eachother and have mercy on the people of the Ukraine, especially the innocent lives of children.”