Last night I was called by Our Lady to sit in front of Jesus and to pray for the situation in the Ukraine.

I could feel the terrible pain of Jesus as he died on the cross in the face of more violence and deaths and suffering, especially among the innocent.

He spoke:


War my children is one of the saddest manifestations of sin and of evil on the world.

Made by God to love him and love eachother, when human beings reject and hate God and eachother the result is war.

War my children hardens hearts and pushed human beings to kill and destroy eachother without love or respect for God or man.

War is never inspired by God in this way and pains the heart of God to tears.

My children, I do not want war but only you can stop war by accepting me into your hearts and by praying for your world leaders to choose peace.

Prayer moves mountains and I call you to praying with your hearts for peace with love and fervour.

Jesus knows only too well the reality of violence and death because that’s what he lived himself and yet this all powerful God of love accepts the free will of his creatures even when this ends in war.

It can be hard to understand or accept why God doesn’t protect the lives of the innocent, especially the children and yet this is the mystery of free will and love.

Yet one thing is for certain and that is that the lives of the innocent killed in war will get an express ticket to heaven just like the ‘holy innocents’ around the time of Jesus’ birth.

So what then can we do right now?

A lot actually!

Firstly we can look at our own lives and ask ourselves a few questions “what would I do of it was my country at war and if my life was in danger. Am I ready to die and if not why?

And so perhaps a time like this is the catalyst for some to return to God, to forgive and reconcile with others and to thank God for our blessings.

And then from this place of humility and love the next best thing to do is to pray for peace in the Ukraine and for the lives of all those involved.

We can sit with Jesus and think of the lives of the children and his love for each and every person as we console him and implore him to send graces of love and forgiveness and peace to all those involved.

War is like a big fire and our prayers are like the water that puts it out. The bigger the fire the more water that’s needed and so every prayer counts just like every drop of water counts.

Just like fighting a fire, we need to be patient while persevering and never allow discouragement to enter our hearts despite how big the problems are or how small our prayers seem.

So let us keep praying, let us keep trusting and may this time of pain be also a time of reconciliation, healing and conversion for many of us as we just never know when we will be called home and have to account for our Iives in front of the justice of God.

Our Lady Queen of peace, pray for us!