Very often I feel so sorry for Our Lady who is always calling us to prayer and holiness and who is so often ignored by so very many.

Our Lady often cries and yet her pleas for prayer often remain largely ignored except for a small few.

Yesterday she shared this message with me:

“Our Lady 

My little Michael. My heart is heavy today because there is so much sin in the world and so little prayer.

Sin has become so normal that you no longer see its danger nor the urgency of prayer.

My motherly heart weeps bitterly as so many follow the news and reports of what is happening in the world without barely a prayer.

The suffering and difficulties of others is not to entertain you like a fictional soap opera but rather to move you to tears of love and compassion and prayer.

My children, open your hearts, flock to your churches and pray.

It is true that it’s very easy for us to get caught up in the buzz and in the news but when it comes to doing the hard work of prayer and sacrifice, we are nowhere to be seen!

Even among prayerful people this is true, we can get caught up in the latest apparition or healing or famous priest and yet refuse to do the hard work of prayer and sacrifice for other.

As Our Lady put it so sternly and yet lovingly, the lives and sufferings of others are not there to entertain us like the television but rather to move us to action through prayer prayer acts of charity.

Finally she calls us to flock to our churches to pray at this time for peace as she desperately seeks our prayers.

Let us do our very best to help Our Lady and to be both listeners and doers of the message and let us pray from Our hearts in the same way as we would if it was our country in danger and of we were imploring God to help us.

Jesus is present in a very special way in our churches and so let’s not leave them empty during this time when Our Lady so desperately needs our help.