Last night after Ash Wednesday’s evening mass we had an hour of eucharistic adoration as we prayed for the Ukraine.

I thought it appropriate to play the peaceful music of Medjugorje and have a divine mercy chaplet and rosary and although there were few people, every prayer and Hail Mary count.

Personally I keep out of all the politics of the situation and I feel the heart of Jesus begging for prayer for the people over there living in terror.

It must be especially difficult for the elderly and the sick who aren’t able to move and not to mention the medical staff looking after them.

It must also be exceptionally difficult for those people who suffer with things like anxiety and depression not to mention other illnesses of the mind and I’m sure that many are tempted to commit suicide.

And that of course isn’t to mention the soldiers, the young families and the church over there.

Whatever the reasons behind all of this, nothing takes from the fact that there is enormous suffering at the moment and these ordinary people need prayer.

And yet God always brings good out of evil and he will bring good out of this suffering too. We must also pray for Russia and the Russian president, Putin, who is also a child of God and obviously has his reasons for doing what he’s doing.

When world leaders argue and fight like divorcing parents, it’s always the kids that get caught in the crossfire and so whatever our beliefs about this war and situation, let us keep our hearts open and pray for all the ordinary people like you and I today waking up to the unknown and perhaps facing death.

Tomorrow at St. Mary of the Angels in Notting Hill there will be a divine mercy day from 11am to 3pm and what better way to pray for all these people and for the world at this time than to implore the divine mercy of Jesus for the whole world.

Jesus, we trust in you, have mercy on us and on the whole world and bring us back to you.