Our Lady 

“It is not enough to be nice, one must be Holy and there is also a moral code and sin which so few want to talk about now in fear of offending.

Sin us the greatest illness of your world and society and blocks you from the blessings of God like dark clouds on a rainy day.

Jesus did not destroy sin but he destroyed its power and gave you a healing remedy to apply to your lives, his body and blood.

Yet you now live in a world where sin is not seen as a problem and so Jesus is not seen or respected as your saviour.

The cloud of sin above you grows darker and darker as Satan prepares to pour out his venom on you like a thunderstorm.

If the world was to convert and turn to Jesus today and change its ways, Satan’s plans would be destroyed and his dark clouds of evil would be melted away but instead the world ignores God and adds sin upon sin, darkening the evil more and contributing to its own chastisement.

Do not be afraid my little children but continue to pray and trust because your prayers can still reduce the severity of these inevitable chastisements and also obtain for many the grace of conversion and repentance.

Stay close to me your mother at this time for it is to me that the Holy Trinity has entrusted this deadly battle between good and evil in these times.

Prayer, prayer, prayer.”