Good morning all and how exciting to be following Jesus and Mary and all the wonderful blessings that they bring.

Last time Seamus, Toni and I were in Medjugorje we were chased by the police and treated as outcasts by most of the locals over there because of lies that were spread about us and so how very exciting to be returning on a pilgrimage from London with many of our London friends and with Monsignor Barltrop as our spiritual director!

Our Lady of Medjugorje sure knows what she’s doing and she thirst with Jesus to bring the LGBT community to know her love and to know the love of Jesus.

For far too long things like conversion therapy etc have been forced on LGBT people who were then blamed and condemned when it didn’t work and treated as rebellious souls who refused to change.

Anthony Venn Brown has an amazing testimony about this. He was one of the most famous pentecostal charismatic preachers in Australia who went through conversion therapy after attempting suicide and of course as usual it ended in disaster with broken marriage and utter chaos..

As I’ve said so often, conversion therapy does not take away the same sex attraction but it can help with dealing with lust just as support groups for straight people can help them with lust too!

It’s exciting for us this time to be going to Medjugorje with a group that know and love us because it gives us a sense of protection and safety and perhaps for the first time we’ll actually be able to enjoy being there without looking over our shoulders all the time wondering who’s going to attack us next.

And of course equally exciting is the prospect of reconciliation and making peace with some of the people who misunderstood us and made our lives difficult when we were over there.

Time has moved on and our mission has become clearer and nobody in their right mind can deny that the LGBT community need the love and understanding of Jesus and Mary!

That said I think it would be equally naive for us to believe that it will be all plain sailing as this whole LGBT area is so controversial and tends to stir up people’s wounds and fears.

Even so, that’s all part of being a missionary and Jesus and Mary are no strangers to causing a stir when necessary!

So please keep us in your prayers! Our pilgrimage will be leaving from London at the beginning of June and it’s guaranteed to be a blast!

Praise be Jesus and Mary and let’s pray for all LGBT souls who are searching for God’s love.