The internet is full of stories of body transformation like this one:

And we do live in a world obsessed with health, at least physical and mental health but what about the health of our spirits?

Our Lady spoke to me this morning on this very topic:

My children, 

The spiritual life that God calls you all to is a life of transformation.

Think of somebody who is grossly overweight, who eats the wrong foods and who is constantly tired and depressed.

Imagine that person going on a health and fitness program and being utterly transformed over a period of time and then helping others to experience the same!

This my children is the essence of the spiritual life where a lot of renunciation and self sacrifice us needed to resist the bad habits and pangs of the flesh and to gain self control and freedom of spirit.

The only difference is that the spiritual condition of your souls is not as visible to you as the physical condition of your bodies.

If it was my children you’d most certainly die of shock at how utterly destroyed most of the world’s spiritual health is.

Only very few respond to my call of prayer and inner conversion and so the level of spiritual energy and zeal and love for Jesus is so terribly low in your world.

Conversion, conversion, conversion! Allow me to transform your hearts and bring you to the true joy of knowing Jesus and knowing who you really are.

As usual Our Lady is calling us to conversion so that we can become free of sin and of vices and enjoy the true joy of being children of God.

Medjugorje is Our Lady’s headquarters for these times and the essence of Medjugorje is this; to know and experience the love of God and then let our love shine for the whole world to see!

And just like physical fitness, after a while we adapt and adjust and we change and the thing that we found so hard at the start become enjoyable and life giving.

In Medjugorje Our Lady asked us to pray until we love praying!!! In other words, pray until it becomes natural and easy and a normal part of our lives.

So today let’s respond to Our Lady’s call by making ample use of the sacraments of the church and allowing Our Lady to turn us into spiritual athletes to help others and to give glory God our Father!