The other day at the gym a lady came up to me and said “you’ve got this amazing energy like the sun” and smiled!

Smiling back at her I showed her my miraculous medal around my neck and said “I go to church and pray a lot”.

It’s amazing how people watch us and how we are sending out messages to others without even knowing it. She walked away smiling saying “now I know”.

Our Lady’s message this morning is on this very theme:

My children,

Holiness has two main dimensions; interior and exterior.

Interior is in relation to your own personal lives and struggles and attitude of heart while exterior is in relation to your activities in your families and communities.

Both my children are equally important. There is little point in being full of love and kindness and then refusing to share it with others.

On the other hand what use is it to help others begrudgingly and to be full of irritability and impatience?

From a pure and clean heart will come pure and clean actions and this is why I constantly call and remind you to pray with your hearts and to practice regular confession.

Imagine a chef who cooks an excellent meal and then shares it with everybody, rich and poor, this is how I desire you to be!

The excellent meal must be the love in your hearts which only comes from prayer.

Without prayer, you have nothing to offer only human effort, the spiritual equivalent of leftovers but with prayer you have a supernatural banquet to share with everyone.

My children, do not under any circumstances neglect your own personal holiness by letting yourselves get over busy with actions.

Let your time spent in prayer be an example to others that without prayer you can do nothing.

Fortunately in the catholic church there are many inner healing retreats and charismatic inner healing ministries where people get enormous amounts of healing and deliverance from the hurts and wounds of life.

Our Lady is inviting us to take full advantage of these ministries which are always focused on the love of God for us and the healing power of forgiveness.

Looking after our owns souls isn’t selfish, it’s self care and only from this place of love and peace can we really love and help others.

So let us not be afraid to go deep into our own lives and souls and bit by bit to root out every hurt and wound and wall that does not belong to the kingdom of heaven.

Our Lady, help us to be Holy and shining examples of love to others.


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