My children, in these days you have become familiar with the horrific images and suffering of war and many of you have prayed and consoled my motherly heart.

Yet my children, all around you there is another war, a far greater war between God’s angels and saints and the demons from hell.

Your human eyes only see human things but in the Spiritual realm all about you there is a terrible war for your souls.

Satan wars to drag you into sin, to hate and refuse God, to refuse to acknowledge sin and to live moral lives, to mock and laugh at the church and her beliefs.

Satan incites lies and hatred and in the name of freedom and modernism spreads his venom without the slightest hesitation.

The result is the breakup and breakdown of families and family values and a widespread acceptance of terrible evils such as promiscuity, abortion and every sort of spiritual practices under the guise of healing.

Yes my children, the war is all around you and while physical death is awful, it is nothing in comparison to the death of a soul that goes to hell.

Pray, pray, pray my children. God’s desire is to bring you all to heaven buy you must fight and help eachother to get there by preaching and teaching the gospel and the ways of God boldly and unashamedly.

Let those that mock and ridicule you be, there laughter and mockery will turn to tears and shame when their eyes are opened to the ways of God.

Scary words from Our Lady and yet not said to scare us but to warn us of the reality of our times and the need for prayer, preaching and teaching in spite of so many people not believing in anything spiritual or in any notion of heaven or hell or the soul.