Lent is the time of much fasting and prayer and yet at times people forget its purpose and then give up!

Our Lady reminds us this morning what it’s all about and how prayer and fasting when done properly free us and raise our souls to the realm of the spirit, their true home.

My children, today I desire to speak to you about the greatest sacrifice that the world will ever know; the sacrifice of Jesus, my son, on the cross.

My children, at every holy mass, Jesus once again gives himself to you and fills you with his love and his presence.

There is nothing you can offer him only your will! Your ‘yes’ that then allows Him to act and live in and through you.

This ‘yes’ is what will give you a desire in your hearts to pray, a desire for the things of heaven and a detach from the things of the world which entangle you.

It is not possible to love Jesus and to love the world at the same time. When you love Jesus, Jesus will give you his hatred for the evils in your world and He will place in your heart the ardent desire that He has for the conversion of the world.

In other words, the way Jesus loves the world is totally different to the way unbelievers love the world and you must choose firmly and decisively which side you are on and not turn back.

Again I hold our my rosary and point you to the lives of the saints who will inspire and strengthen you.

I desire you to be refined and perfected like the purest of gold. Accept all your crosses and sufferings as a fire of purification and detachment from the vanities of the world and you will soar with me like eagles to the highest heavens.

Your lives here are short, do not waste a single day!

Encouraging and yet challenging words from Our Lady and yet we are not alone. Our Lady gathers her children of prayer together in churches and prayer meetings all over the word and while we may not be the majority, we have all of heaven on our side cheering us on.

So let’s be children of prayer and of the spirit and soar with Our Lady to the highest heavens because everything in this world is passing and our lives are but short!


P.S. Medjugorje prayer day from 12 to 3 at St. Mary of the Angels