Yesterday Toni and I participated in the ’40 days for life’ which is a prayer initiative in London over the lenten period for life as opposed to abortion.

We were a bit nervous at the start because in no way did we want to intimidate or judge women that may be going to have an abortion who are beloved children of God too.

Anyway, Sarah who is the organiser is a very kind and loving soul and so that gave me the confidence to agree to giving 2 hours each week to pray near an abortion clinic in Ealing.

I was afraid at first that I might have been getting involved with some sort of hard line group shouting “murderers” to the women as they went in and because I know full well what it’s like to have protesters praying outside for you, I certainly didn’t want to add to their burden.

Toni felt the same way and so we made a leap of faith, trusting in Jesus and trusting in Sarah.

For my part I tested the waters last week (first week) when I arrived a little early for my shift and asked the ladies who didn’t know who I was “what’s this?”.

I wanted to see if they were going to bible bash me or take the approach of love and gentleness!!

They replied that it was a prayer event but they never mentioned the controversial word “abortion” so I decided to bring it up “has this something to do with abortion?” I asked a bit aggressively…..

Now this was the real test….how would they react and was I about to get condemned?!

Calm as a cucumber one of the ladies replied that it was and gave me a little leaflet to read! I was well impressed but decided to give it one more go ..

‘What’s wrong with abortion? Sure isn’t it the same as getting a tooth pulled?”

Now if that didn’t rise her nothing would and then I was with the right group!

Smiling she said no and just asked me to read the leaflet. I was very impressed and of course when I told her who I really was she nearly killed me.šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

As I prayed this morning Our Lady spoke to me about this whole area and especially about praying not judging.

Life my children is the most mesmerising gift from God as He literally creates out of nothing!.

Think of how excited children get when they see a circus clown pulling a rabbit out of a hat as if from nothing and even how adults wonder how he did it!

Life my children is a bit like this only that God truly brings a life out of nothing.

Your souls weren’t waiting in heaven from the beginning of time nor were you reincarnated. You came into existence as you were conceived and while the body will die, the soul is eternal.

Each life is unique and different and each life is a gift from God to the world and has its unique place and purpose.

How terriby terribly sad your culture of death makes God when human beings begin to decide who can live and who can die as if human life was no more important than that of a flower in the garden.

My children, so much of these terrible evils exist because your world has forgotten about God and do does not appreciate life.

How can an atheist who denies the existence of God give good coursel to a pregnant woman even if he is the most qualified doctor on earth?

How can a woman who has never experienced the love of God understand the gift of life and choose to keep her baby under difficult circumstances?

How can a young father support his child if he doesn’t understand the love and mercy of Jesus?

My children, only through the loving and merciful heart of Jesus are these things possible.

Love and mercy must rule over fear and shame. Jesus came to save sinners, to love and lift people up in mercy.

Under no circumstances should you judge those people who do not know Jesus and who are tempted by the culture of death to end either their own lives or the lives of babies but you must pray all the harder for the grace of God to touch their hearts and to give them life and meaning.

And so there we have it, Our Lady begging us to pray without judging and to reach out in love where possible just like the lady I mentioned at the start of this blog.

A big thanks also to Sarah for all the organising and for warm loving heart just like Our Lady’s.

May more and more people be touched be the grace of God and come to appreciate the supernatural gift of life.