Yesterday I wrote about how Toni and I are participating in the 40 days for life and Our Lady gave me a lovely message about the gift of life.

As we prayed in Ealing we played some Medjugorje music and we contemplated the question “how many of these babies may grow up and be LGBT?”.

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again, there is not much point in saving babies who look all small and cute but then rejecting them and kicking them out of home or the church later in life if they turn out to be LGBT or whatever!

Anyway at the end of our shift two more people came and we began to chat a bit and it was quite obvious that they were not at all comfortable with charismatic catholic LGBT missionaries and while they may be praying and saving babies, their words were certainly not life giving to our mission.

A similar conversation by email continued with a pro-life priest who I’ve been in touch with….suggesting that I read this book and that book and praying for my healing so that I’ll find the truth and notbe guided by my passions…..

It’s ironic and sad that while all these people are pro life, all I got from them from an LGBT perspective was the stench of death and judgement!

Life begins in the womb but life continues in the here and now and we have the power to give life and death by our words and actions, especially through love and encouragement.

How for example will this priest and others pray for my healing? Is it how he wants me to be or how God wants me to be? Does he know me better than myself? Does he know about the excruciating journey of pain I’ve been on or is he and others like him too caught up in “how Jesus should heal me” to recognise how Jesus has healed me?!

Humility is the key and just because Jesus didn’t make me straight doesn’t mean that I need more prayer until I suddenly fancy a woman! Prayer like that isn’t healing, it’s spiritual abuse and the attitude behind many gay conversion miniseries that did untold damage.

And the very sad consequence of this is that most LGBT Catholics that I know are very wary of the healing ministry because those behind the healing ministries have more often than not forced the conversion therapy agenda and by doing so damaged a lot of people.

The healing ministry isn’t there to make gay people straight people, it’s there to make gay people and straight people holy people and having a partner whether gay or straight is often a very important and healing experience and not ‘giving into one’s passions ‘.

At times I think that perhaps priests should be allowed to marry after all because some of them seem to be so far removed from the realities of human love and affection and their attitudes and advice can actually do a lot of harm!

Jesus didn’t make us to be angels or even to be alone, He made us to love eachother and holiness is about doing this to the full.

So today my prayer is for life, for priests and once again for the LGBT who need love, life and understanding from and in the catholic church.

Have a great day!