Good morning!

Surrounded and bombarded by so much drama and suffering in the world we can sometimes wonder how we can have any joy and yet this is exactly what Jesus calls us to…joy!

Here’s what Our Lady told me as I sat in Tyburn convent before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament yesterday:

Our Lady 

My children, you can only share the love and joy of life to the degree that you know it and live it and you can only know and live it through knowing my son.

My children, I desire you to be children of hope and of joy despite all the suffering and sin around you because you are loved and your hope and joy can bring hope and joy to others.

This type of joy comes from the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is a spirit of profound joy and utter peace.

Although you are in times of great trials and suffering, God who is out of time already sees the ending and has already accomplished the victory which in your human time is still being worked out.

This is why you can be joyful in the trials because your salvation and Jesus’ victory has already been accomplished.

Allow your joy to shine and if anyone asks you how or why you can be joyful while others are suffering, explain to them that it is the joy of expectant faith in the certainly of Jesus’ victory and encourage them to be joyful too!

Do not evangelise with a frown but evangelize with a smile, the smile that lights up the faces of those who love Jesus and through this others will come to know the joy and hope that comes from truly knowing Jesus.

At times in church circles it can appear that holiness is all about being stern and serious like a diligent student in class and of course there is a very serious side which we must not overlook.

Yet, more than anything Jesus is our friend and when we receive Him in communion, we receive His love and His joy and His friendship and if that isn’t a reason to be joyful then I don’t know what is!

However it’s also true that if you look at the average crowd after mass they are not noted for their remarkable joy or happiness and the only explanation for this can be that they are praying the mass with their heads and not with their hearts.

Jesus is not boring and serious and stern! He’s gentle and loving and fun! Sure he is stern when he needs to be and especially with those who disrespect him but with his friends he’s beautiful and fun!

And so today Jesus and Mary are calling us to be people of joy and not to allow ourselves to get swamped by all the problems and worries of the world which of course we must pray for but not allow ourselves fall into the pit of doom and gloom and seriousness .

May we be born again in the joy of the Holy and be witnesses of joy to the world with the help of Our Lady our mother and all the angels and saints around us praying for us!