Here we are at the airport about to board our flight! I’ve forgotten how stressful travelling can be especially at big airports like Gatwick where getting to the plane feels like navigating through a man made obstacle course of trains, shuttle buses, machines, queues and questions.

I do envy my guardian angel who can travel along with me and doesn’t have to pay for his baggage!!

Anyway before all that Our Lady reminded me this morning of the importance of our priests and also the difficulties that they face, more obstacle courses!!

“My children,

So many people today deny that my Son Jesus is God and that he is really and truly present in the Eucharist.

No group of people feel this attack more than my priests who’s entire lives are centred around the Eucharist.

Just like Satan cast doubt in the mind of Eve, so does he cast doubt in the minds of many priests about Jesus and the importance of their ministries.

Doubt is the opposite of trust and a soul that doubts cannot preach and teach with conviction and clarity.

Priests must not be afraid to talk relentlessly about the eucharistic presence of Jesus, about the reality of sin and the desperate need of prayer and conversion.

It is not to frighten people but to educate and inform them. It would only be frightening if God was not a merciful God and if he didn’t offer a means to salvation.

You must pray for your priests to be very strong and not to give into the pressures of the world and of compromise.

Once again I say to you all, pray and meditate the rosary and read the lives of the saints and allow their example of faith and love to extinguish in you all doubts and compromise.

Strong words from Our Lady and a calling to us all and especially to our priests to be very strong and confident in our faith and our belief in Jesus regardless of how counter cultural that it may be or how crazy others may think we are!

May all the Holy angels and saints and especially the Irish ones intercede for us all today and give us all a certain belief and love for the eucharist, the priesthood and of course Jesus.

Blessings to all and if anyone would like to help me with a few quid towards travel expenses don’t be shy, I’m sure Jesus will pay you back 100 fold!