Good morning from Ennis in Ireland’s County Clare which is a county well known for tourism for obvious reasons.

Yesterday was a day filled with blessings, not least of which was visiting my parents and having a good old Irish breakfast before speeding off with their car to the cliffs of Moher!

I haven’t driven a car for years so it was fun getting behind the wheel again and after 30 seconds it was like I’d never stopped.

Of course none of these blessings would have happened without Our Lady and the saints and every time I come back I kiss the head of that ‘miracle statue’, visit my grandparents grave and say hello to Padres Pio in the friary in Ennis!

(For that testimony

Jesus and Mary really have turned my tears to smiles and it warms my heart to know that they want to do the same for all LGBT people out there by bringing healing, joy, acceptance and reconciliation with God and family, the church and the world.

Providence has been looking after me too with free accommodation in Ennis, free meals thanks to friends & family and a few €€ for expenses too and of course the use of my parent’s car! Thank you St. Francis and to everyone.

And so today to give thanks we are going to drive to knock in County Mayo where Our Lady appeared in 1879 with her usual plea to prayer and directing us to Jesus, the lamb of God in the Eucharist.

In a world where there is so much suffering and unhappiness, there is really only one solution which actually works….God!

Unfortunately for my dad’s calves that future is perhaps my dinner or yours but that’s a whole other story!!

And so there you have it, so far our little trip is going super well and our only hope is that more and more people will come to know the love and plan of Jesus for their lives and turn to his most beautiful mother for prayer, help and guidance when they are feeling lost.

Our Lady, Queen of Ireland, Queen of peace, bless all your children today and especially the LGBT ones so that they mind experience the love of Jesus and the wonderful and creative plans that he has for their lives!

Thanks to everyone in London for your prayers and support too, you’ll all be in our prayers today at Knock

Love and Blessings,

Michael & Rayne