Yesterday Rayne and I went to Knock and arrived just before 3pm for mass in the basilica.

The priest gave a wonderful sermon around the dumb man that was healed.

How many people are spiritually deaf and dumb? He asked.

How many do not hear God in their hearts because they have blocked him out and how many are afraid to talk about God in public because of fear of what others think?

And of course all this leads into the lack of prayer and response to the pleas of Jesus and Mary for our current world.

In the afternoon as I sat in the apparition chapel Our Lady spoke to me:

Our Lady 

My children, how my motherly heart cries for prayer like medical doctors desperate for blood donations to help their patients.

If you understood the need for prayer my children you would die of shock. You live in times of famine, not famine from food but from prayer.

The spiritual poverty of your world is catastrophic and the only solution my children is prayer and conversion.

Look at my son, the lamb of God that can feed the spiritual hunger of the world and who is ignored, rejected and mocked by so many.

My little ones who listen to me and pray, be not discouraged for in heaven every prayer and sacrifice will be infinitely rewarded.

Continue my children to be witnesses to the gospel and to the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and let not anything disturb you.

I am ever with you helping you and encouraging you.

Your heavenly mother and Queen of apostles

One feels Our Lady’s pain and anguish as her ability to help us is limited by our response to her and when so many people simply do not want to cooperate, we become authors of our own destruction.

And yet Our Lady knows that some people do listen to her and do respond and she understands how difficult and counter cultural the is which is why she asks us to take her hand and to stay encouraged no matter how criticised and rejected we get.

And so Our Lady of Knock points us to Jesus, the lamb of love and she pleas with tears for prayers for the famine of true peace in the world.

Our Lady, help us to love Jesus and to make Jesus known and loved as much as possible wherever we may be.

Back to London tonight!