Yesterday Toni and I prayed with the ’40 days for life’ group and as we did a girl stopped and took a photo and scorned “a group of guys discussing women’s issues”.

She was very hostile and we could feel the feminist attitude of ‘my body my choice”.

And in a way they are right! God does give us the choice and we can choose between good and bad and heaven and hell.

One thing that God just does not give us is choice without consequences and this is what the voices of the world fail to tell us.

Our Lady spoke to me on this issue this morning:

“My children, the world shouts ‘freedom’ to you and yet you are enslaved by sin because without God there is no freedom.

Just as you cannot eat what you want and when you want without consequences, you cannot do what you want when you want without consequences.

Some foods for example can make you sick and there are some things that you cannot eat at all because your human digestive systems cannot digest.

Many other foods are good but if you eat too much you may be sick or have health problems!

On the other hand if you don’t eat enough you may also get sick.

So you see my children that true freedom is linked to responsibility and understanding of who you are and how you are created.

Sin is like a poisonous food and it damages your souls which is why your souls need a spiritual medicine through the sacraments of the church and through prayer.

The true food for the soul is love through living a life of prayer, charity and morality.

You must be humble to accept Christian morals and to understand that not everything is good for you even when it feels nice.

One such example is sex! You simply cannot have sexual relations when you want and with who you want.

Sexual intimacy is made for marriage and is a sacred and intimate act with the potential to give life.

Sexual relations outside of marriage may feel good but are not good for your souls and can lead to all sorts of problems such as unwanted pregnancies, breakdown of marriages, sexual diseases, sexual addiction.

God in no way desires to deprive you of intimacy and of pleasure but just like eating healthily, he desires you to be free so that you can appreciate these things without damaging your souls by using them inappropriately.

Pray my children and educate yourselves about your faith as many of you do with food and nutrition and you will be able to freely choose the good and become true children of your heavenly father.

And so we see that Our Lady is calling us to prayer and to educating ourselves about our faith so that we can then truly be free and freely choose right over wrong and holiness over sin and just like the fitness and food experts say “today is the first day of the rest of your life” so let’s choose holiness and true freedom!

Have a holy day!