The other day Toni and I were praying for life in Ealing and we were surprised that on two occasions people were disturbed by the divine mercy image beside us.

First up was a groups of guys who walked by and gave us a funny look and when Toni said “they are coming back” I braced myself for war!

“What’s that?!” Asked one of them as he pointed to the divine mercy image with disgust.

“Jesus’ of course I exclaimed with more enthusiasm than his lack of it and then he poured out on me all the reasons why he disagreed with this image and the catholic church.

He was a protesant and was being true to his denomination by protesting!!

Yet once he realised that I was familiar with protestants the conversation quickly turned to Jesus and we spent the next half an hour talking about the love of God.

The four guys are part of a fellowship group and meet up once per month to pray and support eachother and were really full on for Jesus even if they didn’t quite understand why as catholics we have images and why we pray to Mary and the saints.

The second person to be disturbed by the image was the guy that was replacing Toni and I. Upon arriving he immediately turned the image around and said “I’m a trad, can’t be having that!”.

Honestly I thought that he was joking as I’ve known many traditional Catholics over the years and I’ve never heard of any objecting to the divine mercy. I learnt later that some of them do not accept Pope John Paul 2 and so reject the divine mercy…..

We got to give it to Jesus! He knows how to make a stir and yet how sad is all this division between Christians when really we should all be united on love and praying for life.

And yet it’s also a sign that Satan is very deeply disturbed by the divine mercy and that he’d like to stop it at all costs just as he was disturbed by merciful Jesus when he walked the earth over 2000 years ago.

Anyway, regardless of all that, at our Medjugorje prayer evening this evening I will have a big poster of merciful Jesus who saved my life and my prayer is for more and more people to get to know him and the message of mercy for the whole world!

Jesus, we trust in you!!