Good morning from a cold London where the temperatures have dropped over the last few days!

As I was praying this morning Our Lady used his changing weather to talk to us about the importance of our will and intelligence in the Spiritual life.

My children whom I love  so much.

Just as the weather changes and goes from hot to cold so too does your love and zeal for  God!

Some days you will feel God’s love for you  and will desire to give him your whole entire lives, other days you will feel heavy and tired and not wish to get out of bed.

The spiritually mature man dies not go by feelings because your human souls have many wounds and are subject to demonic influences.

Your intelligence however is like the sun that is above the clouds and is not subject to the variations of your feelings.

This is why you must pray for the grace to have firm wills that do not change even when your feelings and emotions and experiences try to convince you otherwise.

God is love, God is mercy, God loves each one of you and has a plan for your lives.

This is a never ending truth that will never change regardless of how you feel.

My children, pray! Pray for healing that your emotions may be aligned with your wills and with the truth and you will become powerful warriors of love and truth for the whole world

Strong words from Our Lady and yet very wise. Satan always wants to throw doubt and confusion and uncertainty onto our lives and by doing so rob us of our peace but true peace is found in the certainty and simplicity of God’s love and plans for us.

Without a clear and strong will how will we be able to preach and teach clearly about Jesus and about prayer or stand up for justice when necessary or to stand out from the crowd?!

The answer simple, we won’t and we’ll find ourselves forever compromised and confused and weak. This is why Our Lady is asking us to pray so that our wills and our intelligence be strengthened so that when the storms and clouds of doubt and fear come, we can stand firm, hold our coarse and keep on moving forward with Jesus.

Let’s pray today for Holy Spirit empowered wills and minds to speak and live the truth of the gospel no matter what!