Good morning from a cold and rainy London where inside is definitely the best place to be!

Last week Séamus announced that his time in London is coming to an end and that in a short few months he will be leaving us and flying the nest.

We will certainly miss him as he has been a central part of our lives over the last few years and yet such are the ways of God who has plans and ways beyond our dreams and understanding.

This week also Rayne and I celebrated being together for two years and as I look back to when we arrived in London, never in a million years would I have thought that I’d end up in a relationship, not to mention keep it for 2 years!

Séamus and I certainly have been through so many trials together and so my prayer for him is for more blessings, more friendships and of it’s God’s will, for a special someone in his life too to love and support him.

Often people have described Séamus and I like fire and honey and often that’s how we have worked together! God used me to take the lead and open doors and stand up for justice and when people hated me for it, Séamus was there to tell them that I wasn’t a monster and to explain to them what was going on.

Many times I wished I was a bit more honey like but unfortunately honey doesn’t get you anywhere when dealing with evil and Satan and the structures of evil only respond to God’s fire and authority.

No amount of sweet talking and honey can justify the screaming injustice of how LGBT people have been treated in both the church and the world and the only thing that will appease God on this matter is repentance and change.

Just like when we go to confession, it is not enough to confess our sins, we must ‘change our ways and not sin again’. Otherwise our confession is invalid as there isn’t true contrition.

It’s similar when it comes to how LGBT people have been treated in society and in the church, it is not enough to say sorry for the hurt and yet do nothing to change the system that continues to shame, silence and discriminate.

It is not enough to pray and to wait for God to fix the church because God asks us to be a part of the fixing process and this involves tearing down all structures of injustice and discrimination such as homophobia etc.

And this is where God uses people like Seamus and I to convict the church of their error and sin, not to accuse like Satan but to convict and explain like the Holy Spirit.

Here is where enormous prayer is needed because just like with Jesus, everyone is your friend when you talk about love and mercy but very few stand by you when you bring up justice and change and the walk to calvary.

Séamus is one of those characters that isn’t afraid of the cross, didn’t opt for the easy way out or to be a comfortable Catholic and put his neck on the line more than once with people in the church, friends and family for the good of the LGBT community in need of Jesus.

Anyway he has another few months with us but that will go by quickly so let us all pray for Séamus and for his ministry and that God may send him to the right people to love and to help and to support come what may like he has done for me.