When I tell mosyvpriests in confession that I’m gay and catholic there is rarely a problem but when I tell some of them that I have a relationship the atmosphere changes and being as sensitive as I am, I feel it like a sunami!

You see the problem is that they just don’t know if I’m doing the right thing or not and to be fair they tell me.

“Is gay a wound that needs healing or is this whole area an area that the church has yet to discover..I don’t know” said a priest to me the other day and while I was humbled by his honesty, I was slightly saddened by his doubt.

Because they don’t know, they are totally sure that God loves me but unsure as to whether or not I should be in a same sex relationship even with sexual purity and prayer.

At times their doubt causes me to doubt and I leave wondering and doubting if I’m really doing the right thing!!

Each and every time Our Lady consoles me and helps me to find my joy again despite the fact that so many priests are unable to confirm what God is doing in my life and be happy for me.

This morning she spoke to me again about this whole area as I felt weighed down by the constant battles that I face almost every day in this area .

Our Lady 

My little Michael, I am so very close to you today.

I repeat again, there is no sin in being gay but the sexual acts are sinful which is why Heaven calls you all to conversion of hearts and lives and prayer and sexual purity.

For some souls who have been sexually active for a very long time this message is difficult to read and seems impossible to put in practice but God does not expect perfection over night and understands that conversion of life and heart is a very long journey.

Having said that, one cannot be complacent with sexual sin and say that it doesn’t matter and that the person has other qualities.

Complacency leads to acceptance and over time acceptance leads to vice!

Every time a soul falls sexually in this way, they should acknowledge before God their sin, ask for his forgiveness and strength and then keep on seeking holiness with full trust and confidence while making use of the sacraments and the prayer and help of the church.

Once again I remind you of the 5 stones of Medjugorje and the importance to use them for both your own advancement in holiness and for the world.

My children, seek holiness, thirst for holiness, yearn for perfection and I will draw your souls to the heights of heaven 

And so once again Our Lady doesn’t mince her words and calls us to making very sincere efforts to living lives of holiness and prayer and within this context heaven will accept and bless same sex relationships.

Have a great day and may we pray for our priests for the grace to understand and to challenge gay people to live Holy lives of prayer and sexual purity as best they can through prayer and the support of the church community.