When Jesus walked the earth people thronged after him for healing and if truth be told, many were probably not interested in changing their lives.

So why is it nowadays that Jesus is so little associated with healing?

Why is it that when I’m out evangelising and when I mention healing that 90% of the time the response is the same ‘Reiki and Crystals’?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging anyone who does Reiki because people simply don’t know but Reiki is not from the Holy not is the philosophy behind it.

Similarly for crystals!

They speak of the words ‘healing, energy, protection’ but never of things like Jesus, sin, the cross, repentance.

Yet it’s hardly surprising that ordinary people don’t know about the healing ministry in the catholic church when even in the church it’s almost a secret unless you go to Medjugorje or happen know a healing priest.

In my honest opinion the problem goes back to the seminaries where future priests are taught about everything and anything except how to pray with people for healing and how the spiritual realm works when the total opposite is true of the Reiki and energy healers who are taught how too help people and never taught where this ‘help’ is coming.

In reality Jesus heals today just as he did 20000 years ago and He would like the healing ministry to be all over the church and not just on some isolated corners.

Crystals and Reiki can never heal us like Jesus can and fill us with that love but if we don’t tell people and pray with people, how will they ever know?

Fortunately at St. Mary of the Angels here in London our healing ministries is growing and this Saturday we will have the monthly Medjugorje healing mass and service with laying on of hands under the healing anointing of the music from Medjugorje.

So many people out there are clearly in need of Jesus and of the true healing that lasts into eternity, let’s not be short changed by crystals and Reiki and what not and let’s preach it from the rooftops, Jesus heals today too!

Have a great day!!