“I don’t like the book you gave me anymore” exclaimed a friend yesterday referring to Marjana’s book from Medjugorje!

He absolutely loved the first part so immediately I asked him why?

“Now she’s talking about hell and purgatory and I don’t believe in those things!”

“O” I thought to myself, that could be a problem!

His reaction is 100% typical of what we get most of the time when we talk about Jesus, “we love the first bit when you talk of Jesus saving you and loving all people including gays but we don’t like the second bit when you talk about prayer and conversion and sin, we don’t believe on that!!”

Here’s what Our Lady had to say about it all this morning:

My children,

How terribly sad my heart is when you don’t listen to my motherly advice and heed my words.

You have a ferocious enemy, Satan, with an enormous army of fallen angels fighting for your souls every day and so many of you barely take any notice.

Look to the nature and how much hard work gardeners and farmers need to do to maintain their gardens and to keep their animals healthy.

It requires constant feeding and nurturing and vigilance against weeds, diseases, illnesses and animals such as slugs, snails and foxes.

Both the farmer and gardener must get up early and dedicate a lot of work to their success because if they don’t, death and diseases of all sorts will follow which may be very difficult to eradicate afterwards.

And so my children it is no different with your souls, how will you reach spiritual perfection without commitment and hard work?

How will you reach heaven without constant prayer and vigilance?

How can you say that there is no such thing as hell or purgatory?

My little ones, hell and purgatory exist just as death and diseases exist on a farm or on a garden.

Do not deceive yourselves and mock God but instead seek holiness, change your lives, go to church, learn to pray and teach others to do the same.

Take no notice of those who mock you or think that this is not necessary, if such souls could come back to earth from purgatory they would be more prayerful than all of you.

As usual Our Lady doesn’t beat around the bush but with as much gentleness and motherly love as possible she tries to explain too us why and how places like purgatory and hell can and do exist.

Sadly in times past there was too much talk of these places and they were used to drive fear into people and God was portrayed as a monster but in modern times things have gone the full circle and just like my friend people “don’t like that bit”.

Let us pray through the intercession of Padre Pio for us to be humble of heart and for the grace to accept the ways of God as they are and to accept the call of Our Lady to prayer and conversion and for those who can’t understand how a loving God would allow such things….