Yesterday we had a fantastic day of prayer and healing at St. Mary of the Angels with Our Lady of Medjugorje and her apostles of love.

As usual the crowd was not enormous but the same group of very reliable and devoted people came. As I prayed this morning Our Lady to me about it all:

My children,

How my motherly heart is so very concerned for your wellbeing and how I grieve at how little so very many know about the power and necessity of prayer for these current times.

So very many are experts on all sorts of topics from science to entertainment  and yet when it comes to things of the Spirit, they know almost nothing.

When you die my children and leave this world, all your knowledge and qualifications will be worth absolutely nothing. The only thing that carries over to the next life with you are the graces that you obtained while alive.

Grace my children is the supernatural food for your souls and is of a spiritual nature.

The graces you acquire on earth through your prayers and the sacraments you will go with you when you die.

So very many my children are dying every hour all over the world and they have nothing saved for eternity, absolutely nothing except souls blacker than black with sin.

Yet my children it is within your power to pray for them and the graces from your prayers will be applied to them and can save them from hell.

Many souls my little ones still choose hell and God accepts and respects their free choice and will offer the graces for those souls to other souls.

No prayer is ever wasted. Similarly if you pray for a soul who is already in heaven, those prayers will be used to help other souls.

My children, pray, pray, pray and teach others to pray. Offer me your entire lives as a living prayer and I will protect you on your earthly pilgrimage and obtain for you the most cherished graces in heaven

Strong words from Our Lady, frightening realities and yet amazing hope and power in prayer.

Let’s do our very best to respond to Our Lady by dedicating our lives to her and by allowing her to use us to save as many souls as possible!

Have a great day,