Holy week is here and while there is a certain excitement about Easter, one can’t help but feel a certain indifference also!

It’s relatively easy to go along to a few church services, wave some palm branches about on palm Sunday and then wish everyone a happy Easter on Easter Sunday but obviously there must be more to Easter than that right?

Here is what Jesus said to me this morning on the topic in an inner locution:


My children, in this holy week I ardently desire for you to seek holiness and to turn  away from sin.

Sin has become politically incorrect to talk about but sin is sin and needs to be named.

When you learn to eat properly, you learn about the different foods and their properties so you know what to eat and what to avoid.

When you do sport you also learn about different muscles and areas of your body to work on and when you learn new languages, you learn the grammar and correct the errors 

Holiness is no different my children, there are rules and ways that please God and lead to heaven and there are rules and ways that don’t!

How can you become holy if you don’t know what a sin is?

You would be like someone learning to drive on their own and picking up all sorts of bad habits and endangering both themselves and others!

This is why I have given you the church my children and the teachings of the church and the examples of the saints.

Do not be fooled my children that my mercy has eradicated the rules of nature and the moral teachings of the church!

Mercy does not change the rules but looks compassionately and tenderly on those far away from the ways of God and draws them back with love and understanding.

My children, read the teachings of the church and strive to understand them and I will help you over time to grow into them and to love holiness 

Do not get discouraged when you don’t understand or when you are unable to put into practice perfectly what you do understand but rather continue to come to me in prayer and your weakness will attract my grace

There is quite a lot in that but essentially it boils down to praying and living a moral life and learning how to do so through the teachings of the church and the lives of the saints.

It requires real effort, discipline, understanding, perseverance, learning, humility and honesty and is a million miles away from just turning up at mass on Easter Sunday and trusting in God’s mercy while not doing a thing to change our lives!

Lord Jesus, teach us how to be Holy and to do everything in our power to eradicate sin in our lives so that we really may be children of Easter.