Good morning!

If there was a competition to be cool or popular I’d definitely be losing with all this talk about sin and perhaps that’s why Jesus has so few followers, so many people just do not want to know or admit that sin is real and needs to be taken seriously.

In the gay world, sex is known as ‘fun’ so you can imagine just how unpopular I am at times when gay people read my blogs or hear me talking about ‘fun’ being a sin.

The other day someone accused me of ‘spiritual abuse’ and using ‘a book written by men to incite fear’ (Bible).

When my mum used to talk about sin to us as children I used to feel similarly, God seemed very demanding and forever unhappy!

Yet not talking about sin isn’t the answer either which means that the issue is around ‘HOW’ we talk about it and we can probably improve in that area.

Jesus spoke to me last night about this:


My children, I desire to talk to you about sin, not to frighten you but to plead with you to turn to my mercy and to lives of holiness.

Sin is like an aggressive cancer of the soul that spreads rapidly if left untreated.

Even the smallest of sins which seem insignificant can grow and grow and lead to total darkness just like one small lie can lead to two and three and then hundreds and thousands until lying becomes normal.

Sin dulls the conscious meaning that if a sin is repeated continuously the conscience is silenced and the sin no longer feels like a sin.

Yet deep inside, the conscious is like a kidnapped man who has been masked and locked in the cellar while intruders take over the house.

The peace that habitual sin produces is not a true peace because true peace comes from a clear conscience and not from a silenced conscience.

Sin must be treated seriously and aggressively just like doctors will treat an aggressive cancer.

To treat sin you must be prepared to suffer and sacrifice just as you would do if you discovered that you had a serious cancer.

To take a relaxed and complacent approach to sin is like playing with death and death of the soul because nobody knows when they will die and what exactly will happen at that fearful moment when the soul leaves the body and chooses its eternity.

My children, I say all this not to frighten you but to warn you. My death on the cross saved you but if you do not choose to accept this salvation and take up your cross and journey with my church on the road to holiness then you will be lost.

Make no mistake about it my children, many souls go to hell and their journey began while they were on this earth and they too ignored and scoffed at all my warnings and pleas.

My little children whom I love so much that I died for and yearn to be with in heaven, listen to my words, turn to me in prayer and seek the road to heaven.”

Very sobering and even frightening words from Jesus about sin and yet as usual, hope because of his love and mercy and goodness.

Jesus, grant us the grace to see our sins, to hate our sins and to do everything we can to purify our souls from sin through the sacraments of the church, prayer, suffering and Christian living.