Last night I spoke to a woman in her late 80’s whom I’ve just come to know recently through prayer events. She’ Irish and from Ireland’s most beautiful county (Clare for any of you who may be unaware or deceived!).

I sent her a link to my blog and last night we had a great chat on the phone.

“You are the first gay person I’ve ever met” she told me with genuine joy and excitement in her voice as she told me that my blog was a real eye opener and very educational!!

It’s moments like these that make it all worth while and even more so when she said that she will come to our next Medjugorje LGBT evening to pray for gay people.

I wonder if she knows how much her attitude and openness are pleasing to Jesus because this is the very subject that he spoke to me about yesterday!


My heart thirsts with love for sinners and especially for those who have been abused, mistreated, rejected and cast aside through no fault of their own.

I have a special love for the LGBT community who have suffered more injustice and persecution than any human being will know.

Not all persecutions are visible and emotional and spiritual suffering are in this category.

Abuse and discrimination happen in all ways and forms and none is more subtle and wounding than silence in the face of injustice.

Silence is a weapon and when used incorrectly it can become a lethal weapon.

Many souls justify their silence by saying that I was silent throughout my agony and while that is largely true, I was not silent in the years up to my agony and it is my stance against the evils and injustices of my time that ultimately led to my crucifixion.

My church cannot love me and persecute LGBT people either verbally or through silence and exclusion and I am calling on my church and her leaders to rectify this ongoing evil which has been going on for so long.

It is not enough to pray and to stay silent but you must pray, reflect and act and you must especially pray for your bishops and priests for wisdom and discernment in this area while being open to the newness and freshness of the Holy Spirit who is acting powerfully in these times in this area.

Pray, listen, discern and above all do not judge.

Bring these wounded souls to me and let me be their saviour and helper.

Very strong words from Jesus this Holy week and a very strong call to speaking up for justice and not staying quiet like saint Peter did or running away like the apostles but rather to get out there in the thick of things and to fight for souls and to fight for justice no matter what the price.

When we do this and bring the poor and the persecuted and the wounded to Jesus, then and only then are we truly able to celebrate Easter with a clear conscience and experience the true joy of the resurrection and the joy of being spirit empowered catholics standing for truth, justice and mercy.

If an old lady of almost 90 can be so open, loving and caring after meeting her first gay then what is stopping the rest of us?!

Praise be Jesus for his love of the LGBT souls and happy and holy Easter preparations!