Good morning from a sunny beautiful good Friday London!

As I was walking to the coffee shop this morning I suddenly thought of good Friday a few years ago in Croatia where after a very prayerful morning and afternoon the Holy Spirit sent Séamus and I out evangelising in a nightclub afterwards and I ended up telling strangers about Jesus at a house party while they were all snorting cocaine!

And funny enough I bumped into the same people about 6 months later and they remembered everything that I had said!

I guess that’s the experience for all of us today; for believers today is a very special day when we remember the passion of Jesus in a special way and love him for it while for unbelievers it’s just another Friday and life goes on as usual.

Yet Jesus isn’t angry at these people, he’s thirsting for these people to come to know him and to understand the mystery of the cross and that of course is where we can help through evangelisation and by reaching out in love to others and telling them about it!

Already I’ve told the guys at the coffee shop, the Muslim guy at the Western Union office and when I go to the gym I’ll be telling everyone there about today.

And when I say telling them, I don’t mean lording it over them like how great and holy I am but I mean just being a witness and telling people about today and what I’ll be doing and so far I’ve never got a bad response!

Ironically I’d be more likely to get a bad response if I told a certain breed of Catholic that I was going to evangelise in a club on good Friday than if I told the people in the club that I had been to church!

And so today on this good Friday, let’s remember God who came from the perfection of heaven to earth to show us the way to heaven and let us ask him that we too have missionary spirits that are prepared to go out from the perfection and safety of the church and to reach out to those people who have not yet experienced the love of God.

Wishing everyone a good Friday filled with the love and awesomeness of knowing Jesus and being his friends!