Yesterday Jesus gave me a beautiful message about the joy of the cross and how he desires us to see the cross with love and gratitude rather than with guilt and shame!


My children, so very few of you reflect on the joy of my passion and that is why many of you are lacking in joy and in healing!

There is no guilt about sin in heaven only pure gratitude towards your saviour.

My desire is not for you to be guilty but for you to be grateful!

This gratitude can only come from prayer and by reflecting on my eternal love for you and not by beating yourselves up because of your sins as if there was no hope!

The greater your sins, the greater my mercy and so the even greater opportunity to be joyful and grateful!

The joy of my passion came from the Holy Spirit and was a supernatural joy that did not take away any of my physical suffering but gave me a passion and a joy to do it knowing that it would end and knowing that it would save my beloved humanity from sin and spiritual death.

I desire you my children to have a similar joy even in your trials and sufferings because you are loved and your sufferings purify your own souls and help others when you live them with me!

When you live your Christian lives and look on my cross in this way, you will learn to be people of love and joy rather than guilt and shame and you will then be able to spread my love to others with enthusiasm and joy and thus be my apostles of love and mercy.

Pray my children for the grace of joy and meditate on the joy of my passion and you will become like me in every way.

So you see Jesus is inviting us to pray and meditate this way so that we can experience his joy in our hearts and be healed and strengthen free. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have remorse about the past but it means that as we bring the past to Jesus and as he heals it with his love, the pain gets replaced by the joy of his love and forgiveness.

So today as the tabernacle lies empty, let’s take a moment to meditate and focus on the God who loves us, forgives us and has good plans for us and let our hearts well up with hope and happiness!

Wishing everyone a truly Happy Easter with her joy of knowing and experiencing the supernatural healing love of Jesus.