Can any of us imagine the joy in heaven when God who became man in Jesus, rose from the dead and took on a glorified body and his true crown as King of Kings 40 days after Easter Sunday?!

It’s easy for us to forget that Jesus, the man nature of God hadn’t lived in heaven up to that point with a resurrected and glorified body and it would have been all new to him just as being born into the world 33 years beforehand.

In other words what I’m saying is that the double nature (human and divine) of the second person of the trinity continues on into eternity and we will be able to love Jesus both in the Godhead and in his glorified body!

So with that in mind can we fathom the joy of the resurrected Jesus who rose into heaven and took his place as king of heaven on that empty Throne that was waiting for him?!

And can you imagine if you were there watching the coronation like people watched the queen of England’s coronation all those years ago?

Picture the extraordinary ecstatic joy of the angels and of the saints as Jesus sat on His throne for the first time!

Imagine the music, the cermony, the glory, the justice, the majesty, the awe…..

Well this is exactly what we are asked to think about and meditate and while we do so the Holy Spirit will help us to go back in time of it were and to experience something, even if only a try glimpse, of the overwhelming heaven and earth shattering joy of the resurrection and subsequent ascension and crowning of Jesus as King of heaven!

Yet as I’m here sitting in a coffee shop I can see and feel that most people around me don’t even know that it’s Easter Sunday at all not to mention its significance and this of course is where the risen Jesus is asking us to be living witnesses of his resurrection through our lives, through our love and through our unshakeable joy and hope.

And so on that note wishing everyone and extraordinary and joyful Easter season with lots of spiritual consolation and insights and the love of good friends, family and community!