Good morning! I’m up early having a coffee and my legs are a bit sore from a dance class I did last night!

As the teacher zumbaed her way about effortlessly with every sort of twist and turn it was a reminder of how what can be simple for one person can be very complicated for another.

Anyway when I went to pray last night Jesus spoke to me about his simplicity and the simplicity of his love.

Jesus (Smiling)


My children, though I am God, I am infinitely simple! You may wonderful how I can be simple if I am all-knowing and all-powerful but this is because you think in human ways because what seems complicated to you is actually simple to me and so in my all-knowing, I am all simple!

Love is simple my children because love does not try to control.

Love is transparent and pure and so by its nature is utter simplicity and so vulnerability.

Love gives all just as I gave you all on  the cross and does not count or calculate the cost

My children, I call you to simplicity just as am simple and simplicity means openness, truth honesty, vulnerability and transparency with both me your God in prayer and with each other as circumstances allow.

Love my children and do everything you can to alleviate the sufferings of others and by building them up in the truth of my love and mercy for them.

Simple right!!

Imagine how beautiful the world would be if we were all simple and honest about who we are and our faults and failings. Imagine if we just felt free to love others without second guessing what they might think or if we could just accept a compliment without reading into it!

Imagine if all people could just be honest and open about their sexuality and gender without fear and rejection and imagine if the rich and the powerful of this world used their wealth and positions for the good of the poor and the needy.

The world could be simply beautiful and so today while we can’t change the whole world, we can change and work on ourselves and endeavour to become more and more like Jesus who is infinitely intelligent, infinitely powerful and yet infinitely loving and simple.

As for me, just like with the Zumba, I need one more practice. Have a simple day!