Good morning and yes it’s already that time of the month when we are once again getting ready for our Medjugorje ministry to LGBT people and their friends & families.

Of course not only are we getting ready for this but we are also getting ready for our trip to Medjugorje in June and while the last time we were there, it was just Séamus, Toni and I, this time we are with an army for London including Monsignor Barltrop who the cardinal has appointed to look after LGBT people.

It will be interesting to see what happens and to be honest I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it. I was so badly treated there the last time that if it wasn’t for Our Lady calling me I’d never go back in a million years.

Between the police being called on me and threatening to beat me up, being kicked out of our accommodation, trying to manage Toni who has just recently been converted and was very vulnerable while at the same time being gossiped about, talked about and even preached about….the last time was a living hell but I offered it up to Jesus as best I could for LGBT people and in my heart said “one day I’ll come back with a bus load of LGBT souls for Jesus!”

As I see Rayne preparing his visa to go (being Filipino he needs visas) I’m wondering how on earth people will react to us arriving as a same sex couple……not that we will be walking down the streets holding hands and kissing but still it’s kind of daunting and tell people all we want about sexual purity, some will never believe because their minds are twisted.

“They will be nice to you but they do not like you, what more do you want?” Said a friend who goes there regularly!

Well actually it would be quite nice to be liked and to be respected and for those people who judged me to see that I’m doing God’s work in a very difficult area of ministry and could do with support and understanding.

“If Toni commits suicide it will be your fault” they said…..”and if he doesn’t” I thought and I bring him to London as Jesus has told me…..What will you say then?

Chances are they will say that it was Jesus who helped him and not me. I’ve noticed that in Catholic circles, when you commit a sin it’s all your “maxima culpa” but when you do something good then it wasn’t you that did it at all, it was Jesus!!

Of course in reality it’s our cooperation with Jesus and his grace and it is not prideful to feel a holy joy and gratitude for the good things we have accomplished with him.

Anyway regardless of all that, there is at least one person who has always welcomed me and accepted me 100% in Medjugorje and that of course is Our Lady and while she may not live in a castle or in a luxurious pansion or have written any books, her graces and presence are all over the place for all souls including LGBT!

And so you see dear friends that being Catholic and LGBT is no bargain and in order to pick the beautiful graces one has to be as strong as an ox at times inside in order to withstand and avoid the obstacles and thorns that scream “not welcome, not catholic, not loved, not wanted”

So with all that in mind, please pray for Our Ministry and upcoming pilgrimage and for LGBT Catholics who suffer so much unnecessarily.

Pray that our little group from London (who’s not all LGBT people either) may be immensely blessed and be a light of love and witness to being LGBT, catholic and loved and for a softening and conversion of heart of those over there who misunderstood us and our calling so that in the future we can bring busloads of LGBT pilgrims to Our Lady without any hassle or problems.