My children,

How I desperately desire for you all to be full of my love and for that love to flow from you to others.

Just like when you eat healthy food and every cell in your bodies benefit from it so do I desire every cell and every part of your minds and souls to glow with my love!

For this to happen my children, you must be able to ‘digest’ my love just as your stomachs digest food and the ‘stomach of the soul’ is your will and intellect.

If your minds are closed or of you refuse to adapt and change with my grace, then you will benefit nothing from my love though you may go to mass and receive me every day!

My love and grace function with your will and cooperation and so it is within your power to block the flow of this grace in your lives despite going to church every day.

This is why so many of you are unhappy and full of worry and fear because you do not allow me to act in your lives as I desire!

My love my children is light and joyful and full of exuberant life and hope even in the midst of all the sufferings and dramas of life.

My love inspires you to pray but also to praise, to celebrate, to give thanks and to use all the gifts and talents that I have given you for my glory!

Some of you my children are praying yourselves sick and boast of your seriousness and religiosity while judging others whom you deem to be less holy or worldly.

Holiness is not seriousness and it is not a fruit of the Holy Spirit to be serious and stern the whole time but rather a sign of your lack of trust and spiritual infirmity.

My children, allow me to love you and to heal you and to make you a people of holy joy for all to see.”