Good morning on this feast day of Jesus’ divine mercy and if you are anything like me, you’ll be asking for more mercy and holiness for yourself as we all fall short of perfection!

This morning Our Lady gave me a beautiful message of encouragement for us all which I will share with you now:

Our Lady 

My beautiful children whom I love so much and desire to see in heaven with me in glory, I love you with my whole heart and thirst to the love and infinite mercy of my son Jesus.

My little ones, I through no merit of my own am God’s most splendid creature and even in heaven you will see that my place is different from all others.

I am and will be your mother for all of eternity and so God has bestowed on my soul, motherly graces and knowledge to know and love each one of you individually!

Just like a mother looking after a baby, I know and see your needs before you know and see them yourselves and I know what each and every one of you need and what gifts and callings God has for your lives.

I also know how very weak and vulnerable so many of you are and how much you need the love and mercy of Jesus to fulfill your life calling and to be Holy.

You must help eachother to become holy without judging my children because all of you fall short of what is ideal and it is by your perseverance and humbly returning to the mercy of Jesus that you will please heaven the most!

Be understanding and merciful with eachother and at the same time strive for holiness and you will all advance in holiness so much faster.

Today on the feast of mercy, approach Jesus with humility and simplicity and ask Him for all the healing and mercy for both your own lives and for others

What a beautiful reminder of how Jesus and Mary work together and how important Mary’s role is in these times in bringing us to the mercy of Jesus and in helping us to put it into practice in our lives.

The more we get to know Jesus, the more we will get to know Mary and vice versa as Jesus sends us to Mary and Mary sends us to Jesus!!

And so on this feast of the divine mercy, may we consecrate our hearts and lives to both Jesus and Mary and we are sure to get a double explosion of love, mercy and grace our lives.