Last night as I sat in front of Jesus hidden in that tiny piece of bread I felt the presence of Our Lady around me and became aware that she too was looking at the host in amazement and love!

Our Lady 

I too marvel at the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and despite being His mother, he is also my God and my saviour and the eternal object of my love and amazement!

God can never be fully understood by any creature and just like the laws of physics and of science, you can understand some and discover more and yet as you discover more you will realise that there is so much more to be discovered.

God reveals himself to those who love him bit by bit and he searches above all to be loved rather than to be studied.

God does not reject study because he inspires that too but most of all he likes to be studied by people who love  and thank him because on its own study can lead to pride and hardness of heart.

My children, how I so desperately desire you to teach you how to love God in your lives and how to make the knowledge you have of God in your heads be of use also to your hearts so that you love him more.

Evangelisation is easy when you love because love naturally reaches out to others. 

Do not let yourselves get distracted my children by too much questioning and reading but allow your hearts to love Jesus in the Eucharist and your neighbour and you will learn more than one thousand books.

Our Lady really is the best teacher and this is why in Medjugorje she constantly emphasises prayer from the heart because it is from doing this that the love in our hearts for Jesus builds up.

It’s tempting to avoid prayer with the heart because you can feel that you have nothing to show for it or that you have learnt nothing new or worse still that it’s selfish because you have been ‘navel-gazing’ and thinking about yourself when so many other people out there are suffering!

And yet Jesus and Mary see it as the total opposite! The more you work on yourself and allow Jesus to heal your life and calm your fears then the more you will be full of love and peace to help others and the more you will be joyful loving witness of his love and goodness.

And so Our Lady invites us to unite our heads and our hearts so that our knowledge may lead to love and our love may lead to action and so we may be her apostles of love for these times!

Spend time with Jesus in the Eucharist regularly and pour out your heart to him and he will transform your life bit by bit!