As I left the Carmelites yesterday after evening mass I was introduced through a friend to a man walking his dog who proudly proclaimed that he is an atheist!

He was a very determined atheist and was 100% sure that there is no God and even when I shared my testimony with him, he politely told me that it was my ‘powerful imagination’.

However when he did share about his upbringing and the terrible fighting that went on between Christians it wasn’t hard to see where his atheism was conceived; the bed of religious hypocrisy, abuse, control and pride.

On my way home I prayed for him and admired both his honesty and kindness and willingness to share and later in the evening I prayed before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.


You call me the invisible God when really it is you that are invisible!

You are a mere speck of dust in the cosmos incapable of seeing over 90% of what is in front of your very eyes.

Your vision is limited to physical things and even at that you need microscopes and other equipments to see things that are smaller than a certain size.

Not to mention the spiritual world all around you that you cannot see!!

Yes my children, you are truly blind and even blinder still when you deem that I don’t exist because you can’t see me!!!

No my children, I am not invisible at all but is is you who are blind!

Open your hearts and the eyes of your hearts to my presence, be humble and learn about me and how to love me for I see each and every one of you at every waking hour in infinite detail beyond your imaginations!

Call on me and I will help you to see!

Well clearly Jesus isn’t impressed when blind little humans say that he doesn’t exist and is asking them to wake up and smell the roses and yet in his gentleness and mercy and patience he reaches out to help us to see.

And it’s on this very theme this evening that we will have our Medjugorje LGBT evening as we help Jesus to bring healing and sight to wounded hearts who have lost sight of God.

So if you are in the area, please come along and with your love and prayers help Jesus to bring the light of his love to the blindness of our hearts.