Top of the morning to you all and thank you for your prayers because they totally worked!!

The evening went really well from start to from start to finish without either technical hiccups or any stress induced arguments and we even had a nice little crowd of people from all corners and profiles!

The highlight of the evening was the wonderful testimony of a mother with a gay son and their struggle to cope. Perhaps the most painful and raw thing she said was that when she found out that her son was gay, it felt like he had died and that she had lost him.

How many other mothers out there feel the same thing and how many gay people out there feel that they are somehow responsible for killing at least a part of their mums?!

The answer is that very many people live with these hurts and that’s where Jesus and Mary want to heal and reunite these families under the mantle of Our Lady of Medjugorje, Queen of peace!

So let us keep on going and keep on praying and bringing the merciful love and understanding of Jesus to the LGBT community and their families all over the world!

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Have a wonderful day and spread the love to all families and friends of LGBT!