Last night at Saint Mary of the Angels a new apostolate started in our parish, the Marian movement of priests which began in the early 1970’s when Our Lady began speaking to a priest (Fr. Gobbi) in what are known as locutions!

While rare, God gives locutions at times to people to help the church at a given time in a given area and of course this gift is no stranger to me as I too am one of those people who has been receiving heavenly messages for many years now.

Anyway Jesus and Mary were so happy about this new apostolate that they shared with me their joy!

Jesus and Mary 

Our hearts are warm with excitement for the Marian movement of priests tonight.

When you come together to pray for priests in humility and simplicity, heaven rejoices greatly and many priests both living and in purgatory receive enormous blessings.

Priests are simple men too and they need your prayers, love, forgiveness and support.

At times they also need your correction too so that they may grow and stay on the right track but this must always be done with love and respect.

Pray my children especially for those priests who refuse correction and who lead my children astray.

Like most locutions, the messages from heaven are simple, direct and clear and are not open to being interpreted in 100 different ways so that people can find ‘holy reasons’ to justify their disobedience like with the Bible which is often interpreted to suit!

However even at that, there is a way out! We can say that Fr Gobbi or me or whoever else is crazy or has a ‘powerful imagination’ or that ‘some bits’ are from God but not the bits that we don’t like and of course there is another way out that many use and that is that the church teaches that ‘we don’t have to believe in private revelations’ even those ones approved by the church.

These cat and mouse attitudes mean that an awful lot of people totally and utterly ignore Our Lady’s and Jesus’ messages and just do their own thing and at times do a lot of damage to the church.

And this is why Jesus and Mary were so very happy to see this apostolate begin at St. Mary of the Angels in London because priests need prayer now more than ever and the messages of Fr Gobbi are equally relevant to these current times.

So on that note, let’s pray for our priests today and “especially for those priests who refuse correction and who lead my children astray.”.

Have a holy and prayerful day!