On Thursday I went into Soho where Jesus often sends me to evangelise.

Usually I go to certain gay venues and say a prayer to the Holy Spirit and the rest just happens! Between the lonliness of a lot of gay men and also the thirst for sex, it’s really not that hard to get talking to people and have special amazing times of sharing and even prayer!

Contrary to what a lot of people think, even the most horny and sex-crazed guys are nearly always open to having a good chat and talking about life and if you can look beyond their sexual habits and talk to them, you can often meet Jesus in their souls and even pray with them.

Now I won’t lie, when Séamus and I left Medjugorje and went travelling around Bosnia and Croatia and began meeting the gay community it was certainly a shock to the system, especially after having been in Medjugorje!!

Sex, sex, sex and when you are not used to this world it can be a terrible shock to the system! Before you even know a person’s name you are often sent a picture of an erect penis and told where they where like to put it.

If you are too serious then they’ll never talk to you and you’ll get blocked, if you are not serious enough then you’ll go down the wrong road yourself!!

In hindsight it’s not surprising that some people thought that the devil had grabbed a hold of Seamus and I when we left Medjugorje and started on this evangelisation journey and that we had regressed back into our old ways with me as the ringleader!!!

Yet in reality we were stepping out in faith and were putting our necks on the line as we found ourselves surrounded by the world of sex and drugs which we’d previously escaped from.

And yet it was as we stepped out and prayed and talked and prayedband witnessed to these guys that we grew and grew and grew and got even more healing and freedom in the Spirit ourselves.

Certainly some people were worried about us but when Jesus saves you from hell and then brings you back to help others, it only reinforces your gratitude to him and your desire never to go back there and this is what happened for Séamus. Our evangelisation trips only made us want to pray more and live pure and chaste lives so as to bring more gay guys to the church.

Now this type of evangelisation is called ‘power evangelisation’ which gets its name from the ‘power’ of the Holy Spirit who guides it because it’s not something that you would do off your own bat so to speak.

And the good news is that for those of you interested in learning more about ‘power evangelism’ there is a conference about it next Saturday near London run by the ‘Cor et Lumen’ Community (Damian Stayne)


So if you are free why not come along or join online and learn more about how the holy spirit us working in these times and how we can cooperate with him by bringing the light of Jesus to the darkest corners so that more and more people can be set free from their afflictions and addictions for the glory of God and the salvation of mankind!