Good morning and I hope all is well! This morning Jesus woke me up early despite having been out late last night evangelising and he spoke to me about Sundays!

As he spoke to me I could see him interiorly smiling with such tenderness, love and care and that his only desire is to bless us and heal us and guide us to true happiness with him.


“Jesus (Smiling)

O my children, how I wish that Sunday was as it should be; a day of rest, Holiness and family.

My commandments my children are there to bless you and protect you just like with all human activities where there must be boundaries.

You are made for God and this is why there is a special day for God only so that you can recharge your spirits and balance your busy lives.

Sunday my children is a day when God desires to bless you immensely through love and rest.

How very very sad am as as your God when so many utterly ignore my commandments and make Sunday to be a day of their own liking.

How can I bless and heal a society and world that utterly ignores me while simultaneously asking for my help!

It is impossible my children! God’s blessings come from listening to God and doing His will.

How we must exasperate Jesus by ignoring him and yet asking for his help and yet how infinitely patient he is with us as he constantly repeats the same thing over and over for the last 2000 years with love, mercy and tenderness.

Let us pray today that at least in our own small way that we can keep Sunday Holy and give time to God our creator and to our families and friends and allow the world to see that the commandments of God are not outdated or obsolete but are as necessary and relevant nowadays as ever!